Actor Craig Horner

Craig HornerCraig Horner has a youthful look but has shown the maturity of a seasoned actor. His latest venture, Joey Dakota, where he plays rock star Dakota, is a pilot for the upcoming season on CW.

The Australian-born actor has been developing his skills over several years in a variety of roles, primarily for the small screen but his ability to easily take on a lead character and make it his own bodes well for a strong future on the larger screen.

The 29-year old native of Brisbane, Australia started his career eight years ago on the popular Aussie kids show “Cybergirl” in the role of Jackson. Since then Craig has been on several Australian and U.S. television shows and roles in four movies including Swimming Upstream, The Moment After, Blurred and See No Evil.

Like most actors climbing the ladder of success, Craig has learned well from his early on-stage performances and TV roles and applied them to future endeavours. As Richard Cypher in the Disney-ABC production Legend of the Seeker, he demonstrated his abilities to excel in the physical requirements of being the Seeker while blending a softer side of the character through speech and body language.

Already growing in popularity on the TV talk circuit, Craig will be compared to another Australian actor, Heath Ledger, who was elevated through the TV surf series to fantasy favour in Roar. But Craig, unlike Ledger, has higher aspirations by seeking behind the camera expertise. His desire to learn about all aspects of television and movie production brings a greater comparison to Mel Gibson.

Creative and physical activities play a big role in his life, crafting songs on his guitar and finding plenty to do in the great outdoors whether it’s a soccer field or snowboarding down the side of a mountain. The physical activity keeps him in excellent shape to take on the rigorous requirements of a role and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Craig is also busy with his music and has been working to develop some tunes for a possible album. But there is little doubt he would like to be in front or behind the camera, on the small and silver screen for the foreseeable future.

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